Shannon Moyer-Szemenyei

Labour, Birth and Postpartum Doula Certification

From comfort measures to infant development, Labour, Birth and Postpartum Doula Training prepares you to confidently and effectively support your client mentally, emotionally and physically during labour and parenting as a Modern Professional Doula!

Shannon Moyer-Szemenyei

Business and Marketing Strategies for Doulas

This course is full of unique brainstorming and learning exercises to help you determine your business profile, target client, marketing strategies and more!

Shannon Moyer-Szemenyei

Practices for a Calm Birth: A Doula's Guide to Hypnobirthing

Breath and Meditation Techniques for Pregnancy and Birth

Shannon Moyer-Szemenyei

Breath Awareness for Birth

Learn five different breath awareness practices, partner assists and how to harness your breath for a positive birth experience.

Shannon Moyer-Szemenyei

Cesarean Support - A Course For Doulas

Learn how to prepare your client for their cesarean birth, how to support them during it, and how to have a positive impact on their postpartum transition.

Shannon Moyer-Szemenyei

birthPrep: Pregnancy and Birth Education

Learn labour positions, comfort measures, the stages of birth and more!